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THE Indians of whose experiences I have writ-
ten in this book were the last tribes to
encounter the white man. The region is the Far
North-West: northern Montana, Alberta, Sas-
katchewan and British Columbia. Until 1905
Alberta and Saskatchewan were known as the
North-West Territories, a wild untamed region of
North America, which had seen its first white
settlers only twenty years before. The Indians
of this vast stretch of high rolling plains still
remember the first white man they ever saw.
Before that they were a restless, aggressive people
who lived as righting nomads, travelling inces-
santly from the Missouri River in Montana up
eight hundred miles north into the Peace River
country; and from the Rocky Mountains east into
what is now Manitoba.

The ruling tribe of this wild domain was that of
the Blackfeet, known as the Tigers of the Plains'.
Upon the signing of the last North-Western
Treaty they became permanently divided, and